List of district Uttarkashi Ponds:-
◆ Fachkadi Pond :- Famous for warm water
◆ Nachiketa Pond
◆ Dodi Pond
◆ Kedaar Pond
◆ Sar Pond
◆ Rohisaada Pond
◆ Bhradsar Pond
◆ Khida Pond
List of district Rudraprayag Ponds:-
◆ Devariya Pond
◆ Badaani Pond
◆ Gohana Pond
◆ Bhek Pond

In uttarakhand 98% Lakes and Ponds are Natural which formed by either ground water or snow water resources. Uttarakhand has also more then 26 Dam project which are also offered the reservoirs for  boating and swimming pleasures for tourism.

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In the winter when snow comes down on the hills of high altitude like Massoori, Chopta, Dhanaulti, Auli and all high topographical region. The Tunganath is the most altitude place in Uttarakhand. Million of Tourists oriented  here to take the pleasure of nature and want to captured it  for their best memories.

VISIT THIS PAGE-डांडा नागराजा उत्तराखंड पर्यटन स्थल (Danda Nagraja Tourist Place)

Uttarakhand has also famous for Five prayag " the Five prayag is the meeting point of two or more than two rivers in same path." Vishnu prayag, Nanad prayag, Karn prayag, Rudra prayag and Dev prayag are the famous five Prayag in Uttarakhand.

VISIT THIS PAGE-सेम-मुखेम नागराजा उत्तराखंड पर्यटन स्थल (Sem-Mukhem Uttarakhand Tourist Place)

The Ganga at Rishikesh famous for river rafting in Uttarakhand. The Agents of Rafting easily available in local market for tourist. The agents also provide the night camping at various hills with suitable traveling medium and price. Thousand of foreigners/Indians taking their services and enjoying the Uttarakhand Natural beauty, Culture and Food.

The Famous Tourist Place In Uttarakhand are-
*- Chopta
*- Niti

This is real and actual Uttarakhand; Today many lakes and ponds have dried up, and some have lost their true nature.Nevertheless, Uttarakhand is maintaining its identity in the country and abroad like a beautiful bride. A place where sages meditated, a place where the Ganges descended upon the earth, a place where mythological facts still exist. Uttarakhand !  Where millions of people come to wash their sins.  Many wonders of nature are seen here, somewhere hot water comes out of the earth and water like milk color somewhere.  Many pools adorned with colorful fish are the center of attraction for the devotees coming to Uttarakhand. Although every hill state is very beautiful in itself, but the matter of Uttarakhand is different because the view that will be seen on every 10 kilometers is just the specialty of Uttarakhand. Uttarakhand means full of adventure; There is peace here on one side and natural notes on the other side, which consists mainly of the melodious sounds of birds and the voice of the nidis.If Uttarakhand has to say in one sentence, "The feeling of life is Uttarakhand" these are my words for this state.  Every hill state has its own specialty but Uttarakhand is a special state. But with the passage of time, this state is losing its basic identity due to the involvement of people of some wrong ideology in this state. Yet Uttarakhand is an example of beauty. After all, when nature works in defense of itself, a human being becomes a mere spectacle. If you finish the nature who made you, will he leave you?  It can only be a mistake. When a person repeats such mistakes, nature will surely respond to it. Staying in cities, you can only be mentally sharp, but for the mountains, it is very important to have mental as well as physical acumen.

Note:- Above Places are Non Worship Place, here you can enjoy Natural beauty and if you want go to religious places than you can move there because the distance of such place is not much more from these particular places.

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